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From inception, we have always been on a mission to chase a different kind of green. The strongest companies care about the causes that matter most. We are investing in a future that prioritizes our planet as much as it does people.

When made accessible and desirable, people will not only welcome but rally behind sustainability. We aim to unify corporations and their consumers to create an unstoppable force towards transparency. The strongest solutions come from communication, collaboration, and meaning.

Who We Are

Jonah Geschwind has always loved music and became fascinated with the concept of sustainability after spending a year in Copenhagen, Denmark, where it was embedded into his everyday lifestyle. After returning to Los Angeles, he started connecting his two passions, which led him to the event industry working at Insomniac Events.

At Tulane University, Jonah met Jacob Chandler, a passionate environmentalist; together, they incubated this theory that sustainability would be more widely adopted if made more accessible and desirable. They were driven to bring this eco-friendly lifestyle to music festivals and their audiences. Soon after meeting, the two started Green Disco, the first iteration of their business. Green Disco aimed to help festival organizers engage their audience in a series of solutions that maximized environmental impacts. They helped create one of the first climate-positive music festivals in the world, and the first in the United States.

While working at these events, it became clear that: corporations desire to spend more on sustainability but often lack the direction, knowledge, and time to develop a process and execute it efficiently. Events don’t usually prioritize sustainability even though their experiences can be one of the most effective opportunities to engage individuals. These corporations also want access to the eco-conscious demographic, but many do not fully understand how to build this relationship.

As active members of this demographic, Jonah and Jacob saw an opportunity to create initiatives for corporations that would maximize engagement with existing consumers and help drive new ones. After two years of working directly with music festivals, they sought to expand their work through Green Disco throughout the entire event industry to have a more substantial environmental impact.

In early 2022, Green Disco connected with Qi Venture Partners, a firm with a large corporate footprint that specializes in incubating companies at the forefront of their respective industries. Since joining forces, they have collectively started to grow their vision across the event sector and evolved the business into Scope Sustainability™.

Leadership Team


Jacob Chandler

Pierre Wolf

Michael Halpern

Pete Gross

Brian Schmidt


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