What We Do

Scope validates the integrity of environmental initiatives and acts as the architect to assure seamless execution at events. We provide the detail, transparency, and impacts, letting the organizers and sponsors largely do what they do best. We work with credible onsite and high-impact offsite environmental initiatives to create effective and lasting solutions.


Our solutions focus on engaging consumers and reducing negative impacts onsite, thereby facilitating positive outcomes offsite through consumer interactions. Each package comprises initiatives that generate quantifiable environmental results, contain branding abilities, and a high consumer engagement potential.


Eliminate waste through material sourcing, infrastructure, and improved tracking systems:

  • Reduce waste to landfill through interactive bin infrastructure
  • Minimize overall waste through reusable systems and sustainable sourcing
  • Improve waste awareness through tracking systems


Minimize avoidable emissions, offset unavoidable emissions, and engage consumers with renewable energy:

  • Reduce onsite carbon emissions through clean energy products
  • Engage audiences with interactive activations that create clean energy
  • Improve sustainable transportation with services and strategies


Provide clean and sustainable water through reusable systems, refill stations, and plastic-free solutions:

  • Create zero-plastic water solutions with reusable systems
  • Access clean drinking water through water stations and infrastructure
  • Reduce waste from water consumption with technologies


We align with the most influential public and private events in various categories across the country to reach the largest audiences and to have the most significant impact on the entire industry. We leverage events across different sizes, categories, and regions to create consumer awareness and lasting positive change through our solutions.


Stadiums & Arenas, Teams, Marathons


Concerts & Tours, Festivals, Venues


Museums, Zoos, Conventions

Stadiums & Arenas, Teams, Marathons

Concerts & Tours, Festivals, Venues

Museums, Zoos, Conventions

We put the planet first. Always.